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Managing the Invisible Risk of Non Human Identities

Managing the Invisible Risk of Non Human Identities

Images of robots might spring to mind at the phrase ‘non-human identity.’ This image is not entirely wrong, as a non-human identity (NHI), in terms of cybersecurity, allows machine-to-machine communication and authorization between complex systems components.  

But, as with human identities in your network infrastructure, compromised NHIs can pose serious cybersecurity risks. And since the number of NHIs in the digital environment has been skyrocketing, so has the number of opportunities to infiltrate those identities and steal or destroy your critical data. 

Read this e-book to learn best practices for NHI management and: 

  • Discover the cybersecurity risks associated with NHIs in your enterprise 

  • Learn the right ways (and wrong ways) to create NHIs for best results 

  • Get best practices, including PAM, automation and Zero Trust, to streamline your NHIs 

  • And more 

Managing the Invisible Risk of Non Human Identities

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