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Abu Dhabi Ports Fortifies Security & Accountability with Quest Solutions

With InTrust and Change Auditor, we have confidence that all changes and other actions are properly audited and tracked, and all the data is automatically consolidated and stored in an encrypted repository. We get instant real-time alerts on all the critical activities, so we can prevent damage before it happens. And when we need to investigate an issue, we can create detailed reports with a single click, instead of digging through multiple event logs for hours or days.

Zaid Al-Ali, enterprise systems manager

To effectively manage and secure its complex and growing IT infrastructure, Abu Dhabi Ports needed comprehensive auditing, proactive alerting about changes, automated provisioning and self-service password resets.

By implementing Quest Change Auditor and InTrust along with One Identity Active Roles and Password Manager, Abu Dhabi Ports now has the comprehensive Microsoft platform management it needs. All actions are now properly audited, automatically consolidated and securely stored, so reporting on an incident takes seconds, rather than days or weeks of digging through cryptic logs. Real-time alerts about critical changes further enhance security. Automated provisioning slashes onboarding time by up to 90 percent, and self-service password resets reduce service desk workload while improving user productivity.

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