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PS4 FreeBSD Issue - I Am Seriously Confused

Does FreeBSD have any issues with storing lots of small files?

PS4 OS is based on FreeBSD and I had a storage issues with mine for about 1.5 years now. I asked this on PlayStation subs but the defensive fanboys couldn’t grasp what exactly I was asking.

Basically the stock HDD is 500GB. Games on the system generally need double the space for the game to install and update. So a 50GB game generally needs 100GB of storage free to install or update. The problem I have is my PS4 keeps asking me to free up storage even with the HDD half empty, aka 250GB free.

I can try and install a small 15GB game like Dauntless, this at the most needs 30GB of storage free for it to download and install with updates. Only I have 250GB+ free and my PS4 still asks for me to free storage, like 10GB or whatever. It does this with other games too, regardless of how big they are and how much storage I have free.