ARS 7.4.3 - Allow users to reset their own password using ARS Self Service Portal

Recently Installed ARS 7.4.3 and wanted to allow users to reset ONLY their own password and they should not be able to search any other objects in AD using the Self Service Portal.
Anyone implemented this solution and what are the steps you have done.

  • By default, the ARWebSelfService site only gives you access to your own account.

    You will need to create a modified version of the built-in Self-Account Management Template to include the ability to set password. 

     (Copy the template and create one with a name that tells you that it includes the password right and add the password reset right:

    You will need to delegate access to your user OU(s) for "Self" using the new access template:

    As AR Admin, navigate to ARWebSelfService.  In the left pane, select Customization | Directory Objects | User (My Account)

    Select Create New Command
    Select Form Task
    Supply the name for the command - 'Password Reset' (or something else meaningful) - save the command.
    Select the command from the middle pane.
    Select Link with new form in the right pane and call it "PasswordResetForm" or something else sensible.
    Select to create an Edit Properties form.
    Select edit form in the right pane.
    Choose to select and scroll down til you find "Password" 
    Check the box beside "Password" and Finish add the property to the Form.
    Save your work and click Reload in the left pane.
    Now when a user goes to the ARWebSelfService site, they will have a command available in right pane of the User Profile Editor: