• Policies for Custom Form on the Web Interface


    So I have been "handed" a website that uses the Active Roles Server software and I was curious on if anybody could shed some light on how policies are incorporated within a custom web form. Our company has created a form that allows admins…

  • ActiveRoles Management Shell - Administer policies?

    Is it possible to administer ActiveRoles policies using Management Shell cmdlets? I noticed another discussion: http://communities.quest.com/message/47080 however this only retrieves policies.

    I would like to build a custom powershell script which creates…

  • Adding Group deprovisioning in PowerShell when we have User deprovisioning in VBScript

    Hello 'Rolers,

    My boss wants me to set up deprovisioning/undeprovisioning for groups - change the name, change the type from Security to Distribution and archive the Secondary Owners to the Notes.

    Good news: I have written scripts with QAD cmdlets to…

  • Create overview of Policy Object policies and values

    We use a lot of PO's to assign attributes like Street Addres, Telephone Number, Zip code etc. to our local branches based on their Office location. As part of a review I would like to be able to create an overview (by means of Powershell) in Excel of…

  • Deny blocking of PO's

    We have many Policy Objects (PO's) in place to allow administrators only to create compliant AD objects according to our System Naming Convention. However these same administrators have Full Control over these objects by means of Access Templates. It…

  • Un Deprovision Policy


    Is there a way to un-deprovision account then remove the account from all groups.

    Scenario background:

    We have a pool of temp accounts for business users, where they request it to be enabled for x days, after which it will be Deprovisioned.

    Upon un…