• Web Interface crashes when enumerating large groups

    We are in the process of upgrading from ARS 6.9 to 7.3.3. We both versions running in parallel and are planning a cutover soon. However, on ARS 7.3.3, the web interface hangs and eventually crashes while attempting to enumerate large groups. For example…

  • Set visibility of an entry in a form through PowerShell script

    Hi everyone,

    We have built a custom form in which fields are populated through a PowerShell script, ARS runs this script as you are opening the form.
    It is used to provide a view of bought Office 365 licenses by each of our subsidiaries local IT teams…

  • Setting Virtual Attribute on the fly when user Properties are opened

    Hey Everyone,

    First post and still quite a newb with Active Roles so don't mind the brief ignorance you may see :)

    Basically my end goal is to make a Tab in the web interface User Object properties window only visible when a virtual attribute is…