• Deprovision User - Unresponsive Popup on Web Interface


    So this question is related to this forum post:


    Where when our users are trying to deprovision another user on the web interface, the "Deprovisioning user xxxxx…

  • DirSync Servers Guidance?


    Looking for some guidance in what to set our DirSync servers in Active Roles Server 7.3. Our company has 3 servers located in one location, with web sites each on those same servers, but the bulk of our users live across the country. We are…

  • Policies for Custom Form on the Web Interface


    So I have been "handed" a website that uses the Active Roles Server software and I was curious on if anybody could shed some light on how policies are incorporated within a custom web form. Our company has created a form that allows admins…

  • Active Roles Server Web Interface Slow Sleeps

    Greetings All,

    I have a general question regarding the speed of web pages on on the ARS Web Interface. We had just migrated from 6.8 to 7.3 ARS where we noticed a significant decrease in speed on the 7.3 version that was not there on the 6.8. The workflows…