Let’s face it: your users have too many passwords. That means that your IT team is managing too many identities for each user: one for your SAP system, one for your e-mail software, one for Linux-based applications, and one for Active Directory. Quest One Identity Manager provides the fully integrated identity you need. Quest One Identity Manager establishes a central identity management database that contains your users’ accounts, groups, profiles, roles and more. Those identities can then be connected to target systems through Quest One Identity Manager connectors—including a connector for SAP—that automate the creation, modification and removal of user accounts in the target systems. We have been working to successfully maintain native interoperability with our target connected systems. Today, we are proud to announce that Quest One Identity Manager has successfully completed its SAP certification.

Quest One Identity Manager has been proven to integrate with SAP Solutions, providing following features:

  1. Two-way connection: Full two-way connector which allows information, including many SAP specific attributes to be synchronized with SAP. SAP identities can then be matched and synchronized with identities from other systems, such as Active Directory creating a unified identity that is matched across all of target systems.
  2. Native SAP interfaces: Full bidirectional identity synchronization performed through documented and certified business application programming interfaces (BAPIs) provided by SAP.
  3. SAP Role-based Management: Enables you to create organizational structures that can be mapped to specific permissions that are managed within SAP

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