Years ago, when I was much younger, skinnier, and tougher, I was a pretty good runner. In fact for a couple of years I was the fastest female marathon runner in the state of Utah (we won’t mention the fact that I’m a guy, and couldn’t get close to the top male runners, so I measured myself against the top women). One time I was running a local 5K that was on a very fast course. As always, I had sized up the field and chosen the woman that was projected to win the race as the one that I would not let out of my sights until I passed her in the last quarter of a mile.

The gun goes off and we start the race. I’m running well, feeling great, side-by-side with my female rival. As fate would have it, right as we turn to head downhill for the final two miles, I notice my shoelace is untied. My shoe wasn’t lose, I wasn’t in danger of tripping on the shoelace, and if I was mentally tougher I could have ignored the inconvenience and seen no drop-off in my performance. But of course I’m not mentally tough. I fixated on the shoelace, going through an internal debate of whether to stop and tie my shoe, losing time, or continue running. I never actually decided and kept running losing to Cheryl (and five or six other women) with a disappointing time. Of course for all future races I obsessed about my shoelaces tying them in triple knots, and checking and rechecking them before every race.

Active Directory (AD) Management is kind of like running with a loose shoelace. There is so much that can go wrong, there is no easy way to remedy problems that come up (usually self-imposed problems), and Active Directory is no help … it’s native tools are notoriously limited, difficult to use, and cumbersome. An easy solution for solving for Active Directory Security issues –checking your shoelaces before your race -is having a valuable Active Directory management software and tools  allowing you to solve security issues and meet compliance requirements.

We have a white paper called Active Directory Security Challenges … Solved! that details five common AD management challenges and explains how to easily, affordably, and thoroughly overcome them. It offers useful tips that will frontload the AD portion of your IAM program for success.

More than 1,500 organizations have taken advantage of useful and effective software that allows to you to manage active directory users and groups,  making it the undisputed leader in AD management and security. If you have AD, if you’re untied shoelace is getting in the way of optimal performance, and if you want to solve the problem, I recommend reading the whitepaper to help solve your active directory management challenges.

For a deeper dive into how you can use Active Directory for better access control download the white paper called: Access Control is Easy, Use Active Directory Groups and Manage them Well.

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