That's right according the 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon, 95% of malware infections were installed by a remote hacker after they gained system access. And what was one of the top recommendations for remediation? They highly encouraged organizations to run their systems in least-privilege mode. Another finding from the report was that servers were the most often compromised assets even above user devices and people! So it seems if servers are the most compromised assets and 95% of malware infections were installed after the hacker has gained access to the system, then running your servers in least-privileged mode should be a top priority. The problem with accomplishing this is that some systems like Unix and Linux only have the "root" account for administration and there is no native way to run it least-privileged mode. Fear not though as we at Dell have created some great solutions to help you out. Read this white paper, Real-world Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Unix-based Systems, to learn how we can help.

Oh yeah and if you have some time you really should read the entire report from Verizon there are some really interesting findings, but make sure you carve out a good chunk of time as it is 75 pages long and about 8 point font!

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