Antivirus, access control, firewalls, patch management, privileged account management, audit and compliance, multifactor authentication, single sign-on, and the list goes on-and-on. Depending on who you talk to, any (or all) of these would be the most important place to start when it comes to securing your enterprise, your users, and your data. If you’re talking to an antivirus vendor, of course antivirus would be the most important. The same goes for the firewall vendor, or the identity and access management (IAM) vendor – which I must confess I’m one of.

However the reality is that each of these options is important and eventually you will have to deal with all of them – if you haven’t already. But that’s a pretty daunting task. I doubt anyone has the time, manpower, or funding to address all of the many facets of security at once and entirely effectively. So we’re left with the question “where do I start?”

One of the big advantages of working at an end-to-end IAM vendor (that also happens to be tightly aligned with a comprehensive collection of network security solutions) is that I get to see a bigger picture as I look into what our customers are doing and why they are doing it. One role at our organization that has an even deeper insight into this dynamic is our solutions architects … they’re the ones that come in, and at a high level help customers figure out the best solutions to their specific challenges. One of these heroes is Joe Campbell, a principal solutions architect here at Dell Security.

Based on hundreds of engagements with organizations in the real world, and years of experience solving some of the most difficult security challenges for these customers. Joe has come up with what he calls “the low hanging fruit of IAM” it’s three fundamental things that every organization should be doing as they start or continue on their security journey. Joe has even written a white paper detailing each and explain the benefits and opportunities these security practices and technologies can bring to any organization.

To find out for yourself what the Low Hanging Fruit of IAM is and the three fundamental things you should be doing, download the white paper today.

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