I just returned from the annual Black Hat USA 2015 Conference in sunny Las Vegas, NV.  As you may know the conference is dedicated to IT Security, and it is apparent to anyone that attended the conference that the space is growing at a tremendous rate.  This was the first time I attended Black Hat and was very impressed with the size of the show, the enthusiasm of the people that we visited with and the briefings that were given.  A couple of things I took away from the show:

  • Security is big, even outside of the IT circles.  When my friends and family members learned I was attending Black Hat they mentioned the stories they heard of the news.  They wanted to discuss what they heard about the remote hacking of a car or the Linux powered rifle.  As technology increasingly becomes a part of everyone’s lives the stories of weak security not only affect those in the back office but everyone in society.
  • Security is growing.  From talking with others that have attended previous shows they mentioned how much bigger the show gets each year. This can be attributed to the focus that has been placed on security recently.  With high profile attacks at OPM or Anthem, to name a few, businesses are putting more pressure on their IT organizations to secure the data they are in possession of. Organizations are struggling to secure the many aspects of their IT operations due to the complexity or scope of these requirements so vendors have responded to alleviate this problem.
  • Security is interesting. I had the opportunity to attend several of the briefings and listen to security researcher’s present their findings and solutions to some of these complex security problems. I was very impressed with their findings and their approaches to these problems and took notes on their recommendations.

While at the show I was excited to speak to our customers about our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and how they can help solve their IT Security problems. As a part of Dell we are uniquely positioned to help customers with these challenges, whether it’s IAM, Network Security through SonicWALL, Managed Security with Secureworks, or End Point Security with Data Protection and Encryption. If I missed you this show I look forward to meeting you at next year’s Black Hat. Learn more Privileged Password Manager Virtual Control by accessing the free trial.

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