This is one of my favorite times of year as a “professional” in the security market. Because each year we get a really nice present form Verizon and no it’s not a new phone. It’s the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report where this year they have analyzed the data from over 63,000 security incidents and the 1,367 confirmed data breaches and put it into a consumable and actionable format with lots of charts and graphs like a wonderful present topped with a perfect bow. 

There is a ton of great information within the report and too much for me to even consider trying to summarize in a blog post, so I would suggest taking some time to read the full report on your own. However, being focused on the privileged management market I did find it very interesting that insider and privilege misuse ranks in the top 5 of the 10 attach patterns that represent almost all of the security incidents. Moreover it maps to one of SANS Institute’s top 20 Critical Security Controls. The good news about that, if you can see the forest through the trees is that if you ensure that your privileged credentials are being properly managed you can reduce or eliminate one of you top 5 security threats. So get started on reducing your security risk today by downloading our white paper on Controlling and managing privileged access.


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