It should come as no surprise that the police in Minnesota have those in car computers for looking up people they are dealing with. It should also be mo surprise that they can pull up an electronic version of your driver's license there. That electronic version also includes - can you guess it? - your license photo. Are you even more creeped out now? Yes, her fellow police officers were pulling up on their screens not some official work photo, which is creepy enough, but her driver's license photo. And they did it more than 400 times. They were abusing their power as privileged users of the system to invade the private data of a fellow privileged user's private information. Unsurprisingly, she was not pleased and is winning lawsuit over lawsuit about the whole thing. You can read all about it over at MailOnline.

They could use Privileged Account Management approaches where perhaps there is a check each time they touch private data to be sure there is a solid record of the use of power - and a psychological gate that says "you're about to do something important." Maybe the system would then only allow look ups of private data for people that are currently pulled over, and it could also deny multiple look ups of co-worker info and even report those attempts. One thing is for sure: these cops got busted by the security police and something will need to be done.

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