I just returned from the Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas with and about a thousand of my IAM cohorts.  It was great to spend the week learning more about IAM and talking with old colleagues and gaining new ones.  One of the main topics was around how to build a successful enterprise IAM project and knowing what pitfalls to try and avoid. What I took away from it was that IAM is not a project but an ongoing process and in order to ensure success you need to:

  1. Know you stakeholders and get them involved early and often. Having a successful IAM program relies heavily on the systems, data and people within your organization. If you don’t get them involved early and often in the process it is likely to cause major challenges and delays with your timeline.

  2. Create an on-going plan that has clearly defined milestones and continually re-evaluate it to ensure that you are delivering value to the business. As mentioned before IAM is an ongoing process and if you treat it like a project and try to do everything at once it will likely fail. Considering it a project also causes issues when it comes to budget. If it is considered a project people may believe that you only need a lump sum of money and when the project is concluded no further budget will be needed.

Now I am not promising that if you do these two things your IAM journey will be an instance success, but I will promise you that if you don’t, it will probably fall short of accomplishing your goals. One thing that may be helpful in getting your stakeholders on board is to educate them on why IAM is important to the business; so take a look here when you get the chance.

Not everything was about business though we were able to relax and have a bit of fun in our Star Wars hospitality suite on Wednesday! Thanks to those that joined us, and if you didn't get the chance make sure it is on your list to attend next year.

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