Tom Golson is the Associate Director for IT Security Operations at Texas A&M University. Texas A&M is a big research university, they have a little over 66,000 enrolled students this semester. Every one of these people that are on campus needs to consume some number of central resources. They need wireless access, or they need access to the library,or they need access to some other thing that card ID systems, so they can get access to a restricted building. And all those things, at the end of the day, require coordinating with central IT and consuming an identity.

Adopting the One Identity solution provides a lot of benefits to us. The biggest one is it improves the security posture of the entire university. Knowing who people are, how they access services, how they access systems, that's a tremendous benefit for us.

But on top of that, One Identity adds genuine value to the business. It makes it easier for people to consume services, to participate, to engage, because there's really only one identity they need to remember and that's a huge win for the university. One Identity helps us solve the problems that are created by not having a good grip, a good handle on identity and people's relationship with the university.

The identity management space is a complicated space. If you get to a point where you realize that you need identity management, the problem is more than you can solve with the resources on hand, then the product you want to look to is One Identity. The product is fantastic, it's better than anything else we looked at, the community around it is fantastic, and there's a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and a real desire to help on behalf of the company. 

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