We cannot program Defender soft token to any AD user.

 When trying to program a soft token we recieve an error message : Unable to program token.

After refreshing the AD Defender - token contaner it's appear that that the token have been created but cannot be assign.also user has not recieve any mail concerning soft token actication number

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  • Hi just to have information from you.On the client environment a domain upn has been configured.

    when connecting to remote server we did with the normal domain name.

    but on the defender installation workthrough at the step of choosing the domain admins group on the screen the defaut domain admin group point to upn

    example domain : bank.exellence.group\defadmin for login

    during defender installation we see G_EXCELLENCE\domain admins

    This can be a cause thus why we cannot program token for user??

    I,have installed defender on two others client enviroment.everything work fin