Unable to delete users in custom UNS system that had a default initial account definition assigned


1. Created a custom target system with its own account definition and set the default initial account definition for the target system to this object. Used data import to create my new sync to the SQL server housing custom application to import users.

2. Used data import to create my new sync to the SQL server housing custom application to import users.

3. Set the data import script to be able to Insert, Update, and Delete user objects. 

4. Imported all users and they were correctly created with the initial account definition as specified.

The problem:

When I try to manually delete a user I get that it can't be deleted due to the presence of the account definition. However when I go to assign account definition I can't remove this definition since it was indirectly assigned when the user was initially created. As well I noticed my syncing script was having the same issue when trying to remove users that no longer exist in the target system. I have tried everything to remove this account definition but I have no clue how to get rid of it. 

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can delete these users?

  • Hi Aaron

    How do you assigne the account definition indirectly to the user? Does it come through a inheritation from Department / ProfitCenter / Org or is it checked for automatic assignment?

    Best Regards

  • Thanks so much for the reply. The account definition is being assigned as part of the UNS system as it was established as part of the UNS system default initial assignment:

    So when the user first syncs and is created it has this account definition indirectly assigned. As its indirectly assigned I can't remove it:

    It is not being inherited due to any kind of IT Operating data, Department, ProfitCenter, Org etc. Further, it is not assigned via "Automatic Assignment to Employee".

    Thanks for any further assistance.

  • Hi Aaron,

    i would like to know which form you are showing in your second screenshot with the inherited Base User. It would may help to fully understand your problem.

  • Hello, I am sorry I didn't include that information. The inherited listing is shown when I go to Employee > Assign Account Definitions task.

  • I assume you did not assign or create the persons for your custom sync using the OOTB script "TSB_PersonAuto_Mapping_UNSAccountB".

    In that case the assignment of the account definition would be a direct assignment.

    Can you please check the assignment of the account resource to the Person? For example what are the values of the properties XOrigin and XIsInEffect for the entry in PersonHasTSBAccountDef?

    What is the Report "Show entitlement origin" add the Person is saying for the account definition and the account in question?