Data Importer -mapping fails to update the user profile


I am using data importer tool to import data form a HR database.

During the mapping of HR columns with the person table columns, there are 2  foreign key mappings.

One is the manager (UID_personHead) , the employee ID from HR data is mapped to the personal number attribute under UID_personHead.

The other is the Department name , the department name from the HR column is mapped to the department name attribute under UID_PrimaryDeartment.

Both the incoming values are already available in the QIM with the same details. But during the import only the manager attribute of the user profile is update properly.  The department update is ignored and is not getting updated to the user profile in QIM.

No errors are thrown in the data importer UI or in the logs..

Let me know the reason and the solution for this behavior. BTW we are using QIM 6.1


Sunderson SJG