• ActiveRoles removal from One Identity Manager


    After over a year away from OIM, I've returned to handling the product and tasked to remove or decommission ActiveRoles.  What are some best practices/aspects to accomplish removing ARS from OIM, and replacing it with native Active Directory updates…

  • VB to Powershell help

    We used to have a script that would run post create that would send out a email to notify certian people that a new users had been created.  we had a detailed VB script that did this, however since the upgrade to QC 5.0 this no longer is the case,  support…

  • Ticket creation upon addition to flagged groups

    Version 7 fully patched.
    ARS Syncing
    Extended schema on the ADSGroup table to be able to flag groups for tickets

    The customer would like to have a ticket created in their ticketing system whenever they are added to an AD group regardless…