• Observation during update to version 9.2


    We are currently setting up the new environments for the planned update from version 8.1.5 to version 9.2.

    We are using a SQL Server 2022 as platform for OneIM.

    We are currently at the point in the schema installation where the DBQueue operation…

  • "The DB queue processer is disabled" after Database move, preventing compilation version 9.2

    The situation is this:

    • We are running OIM v9.2, and we've been on 9.x for a while now.
    • But when we put the database into an Always-On availability Group, OIM saw this as a database move.
    • Ok, no problem so far. We got prompted about if we had moved…
  • database compilation stuck at "Wait for DBQueue processor"

    when I try to compile the database from designer it stucks at "Wait for DBQueue processor" and never go forward with the compilation and when I examined the JobQueue

    it has no Processes running and the DBQueue shows the same message "Wait for…

  • Create trigger to record changes - Turned on Log changes


    I recently added log changes to a template and in my DB Queue I see "Create trigger to record changes". It sit there and Is Reset is yes and does not go away.

    Is there something I need to do for this to clear? Or should I log a ticket…

  • DB Queue slow processing version 8.1.2

    Hi All,

    I would like to know what is the best thing to look at, and or solution for the DB queue that has been processing slowly we have lots of pending processes in job queue and it has been 2 days.

    Hope someone can enlighten me in resolving this issue…

  • What does this status of the QBM_PDBQueueProcess mean?


    We are currently using version 8.0.5 of the Identity Manager.

    In the system log we noticed entries of the application QBM_PDBQueueProcess which contain the following MessageString invalid RunningState -1.

    What does this mean? What could have caused…

  • Step by step execution of DBQueue tasks

    Hi Team,

    I'm trying to troubleshoot why an Attestation Approval Procedure is failing to determine an Approver. We can run the Query using Object Browser and return the expected Approvers. But when the Attestation run, the approvers aren't being determined…

  • DBQueue processor was not active


    I've just installed One Identity Manager on a Server and when I try to compile database by Designer I receive the following warning: "The DB Queue processor was not active for more than one hours...".

    Could you help me?

    If it can help…

  • SAPRoles are not getting tagged with ORG

    There are some sap roles(Entitlement's) which are assigned to a System role(Eset), so records in EsetHasEntitlement exists.

    When I assign the system role(Eset) to the business role(Org), records gets inserted in OrgHasEset table, but the Sap roles…

  • Prod dbqueue is not working

    Hello Guys,

    My prod dbqueue is always showing as waiting for dbqueue processor.

    QBM-K-JobqueueOverviewInvalid task is running in dbquuecurrent from yesterday.

    I tried restarting job services and did a full DB compile but still  the same issue.


  • Auditing an executed job to find who or what triggered an event.

    Hello Experts,

    I am in need of some assistance.  We had an incident where a few users got removed from a group and i've been tasked to find out how and who did it.  i found the job that did it but it says it was done by "sa" and when i look at created…

  • HistoryDB / DBQueue does not process any entries

    Hi ,
    after the first problem has been solved, historization does not seem to be going smoothly. We are using version 8.0.3. 

    If we start the schedule "Import process information directly" manually, the job "VI_SourceDatabase_Import" is set…

  • Is there a way to kick-off inheritance calculations?

    I'm using version 8.0.1. I've just done a transport of a lot of Business Roles and System Roles as well as entries from OrgHasEset. The business role structure is hierarchical and set to inherit top down. The problem is, none of the inheritance is working…

  • DB Queue Tasks are populated and running for more than a day (Dynamic Role check)

    Hi There,

    In a Cloud App Integration, we have synced the new users from a secondary system (authoritative source) to our CSM database, creating new identities. However the sync is done. But there are 7 dynamic roles in system and lots of DB Queue tasks…

  • Database CPU requirements to use SAP functions

    Hi all,

    I imported 2 SAP functions using the plugin called "Import SAP functions definition" from a CSV file with 70 rows. After that I created the correspondent SAP function instances but I can see on JobQueueInfo that the DB processes "Interim calculation…

  • A "Recalculate approvers" task is stuck in DBQueue


    We have a "Recalculate approvers" task in DBQueue that stuck there for several days. Other tasks appears and disappears but this one is present in queue all the time with the same parameters. And the approvers does not looks recalculated.…

  • Why DBQueue gets stuck again and again?


    I am using version 8.0 and I am facing this issue that DBqueue gets stuck again and again. I have to reinitialize dbqueue then only it works. What can be the reasons for this? How can I resolve this issue?

  • Existing processes while DB compiling


    What will happen if we use the Emergency Stop in JobQueue to stop the processes before DB compiling?

    Can they all be re-initiated?

  • Dbqueue is not processing

    Hello experts,

    (Ver. 7.1.2)

    I come to you with a technical issue that we are experiencing and that is blocking all the processing in one of our environments.


    We currently have the DBqueue that seems like it is not processing anything at all. We have…

  • How to find each job details in "DialoguDBQueue"

    I need to find what are jobs are executing in "DialogDBQueue".I could see that there are 10 task to process  in "Active Directory user account  membership in Active Directory groups" .How to find the details in that task like,for which user…

  • How to see more detilas in pending DBQueue process


    Is there any way to find more details on DBQueue. In pending DBQueue  i could see "Active Directory Group Assignments" task is pending for long time.How can i see that which AD group is pending a,d for which user it is pending .

    Is there…

  • AD group as requestable product

    Hello Experts,

    We are new to IDM (V8) and we are trying to figure out how an AD group is added to AD account when request is completely provisioned in IDM(AD group is configured as System role)

    Can some one please provide me the background process  and…

  • DBQueue having processes that never end


    We have been having a problem in the last days. Apparently our DBQueue have a big amount (over 1 million) of processes of type "Check single dynamic role" that are being processed but the amount of them increase again from time to time. We think…

  • DBQueue hangs when we run native database sync


    We have loaded 100 users in one of the databases and started native database sync so that users get created in One IM DB. But, DBqueue does not process anything and gets stuck. We have enabled trace flag 2453 still no improvement. One more observation…

  • What does HelperAttestationPolicy store?


    There are thousands of entries pending in DBQueue for "fill attestation rule auxiliary tables". And it is taking too much time to execute it. I checked that HelperAttestationPolicy table is getting filled. Is it a one time job or does it happen on…