• We want to manage nearly 1 billion files and 30 million folders with Data Governance Edition.

    We want to manage nearly 1 billion files and 30 million folders with DGE. The target system is Dell Isilon. Can we manage this type of structure with OneIM DGE? Does it support that kind of a big folder and file structure?

  • DGE Deployment issue

    Hi there,

    the following error is thrown when looking up managed hosts in OIM Manager console.

    Could not connect to net.tcp://iam-oim-app1.iamdemo.local:8722/Broadway/ManagedHosts.svc. The connection attempt lasted for a time span of 00:00:21.0014096…

  • DGE and DFS - alternative configuration

    Hi all,

    I'm installing DGE 8.1.3 following steps on the documentation.

    The configuration is :

    - DFS role is installed on domain controllers
    - Data are on supported NAS
    - DGE Service is installed
    - DGE agents for NAS are installed
    - NAS shares and DFS…

  • Empty Agent List in Data Governance when Host Type is "NetApp OnTap 7-Mode CIFS Device"

    Hi all,

    I have to manage some host with type "NetApp OnTap 7-Mode CIFS Device". So I select the host and "Manage host..." in the Task list.

    In the window appears we are unable to select the agent and below is present a text “At least…

  • Issue saving DGE service account in manager 7.1.2

    Hey Folks,

    So I have installed the DGE bits and configured my AD Accounts as the data governance administrators. The Data Governance views in manager render the managed hosts as expected. 


    The next step however (keep me honest here) is to add the service…

  • DGE add DFS

    I use DGE 7.1.1, last fix (to 

    I installed agents to Windows file servers. Then I tried to add DFS to publish shared folders with friendly DFS names (with share name, no server name). After adding DFS root using Manager I opened list of folders…

  • DGE v7.0.2 Missing managed hosts.

    DGE v7.0.2

    We run into a problem when several hundred objects of the type COMPUTER are listed in the AD under computers but do not appear in the list of managed hosts. 

    What is the criteria for selecting the server into the list of managed hosts? Where…