• Why DBQueue gets stuck again and again?


    I am using version 8.0 and I am facing this issue that DBqueue gets stuck again and again. I have to reinitialize dbqueue then only it works. What can be the reasons for this? How can I resolve this issue?

  • Existing processes while DB compiling


    What will happen if we use the Emergency Stop in JobQueue to stop the processes before DB compiling?

    Can they all be re-initiated?

  • How to see more detilas in pending DBQueue process


    Is there any way to find more details on DBQueue. In pending DBQueue  i could see "Active Directory Group Assignments" task is pending for long time.How can i see that which AD group is pending a,d for which user it is pending .

    Is there…

  • DBQueue hangs when we run native database sync


    We have loaded 100 users in one of the databases and started native database sync so that users get created in One IM DB. But, DBqueue does not process anything and gets stuck. We have enabled trace flag 2453 still no improvement. One more observation…

  • What does HelperAttestationPolicy store?


    There are thousands of entries pending in DBQueue for "fill attestation rule auxiliary tables". And it is taking too much time to execute it. I checked that HelperAttestationPolicy table is getting filled. Is it a one time job or does it happen on…

  • DBQueue tasks not getting processed



    I am using One Identity manager version 7.1

    At first, I installed the application with a blank 1Im database and configured the Job servers as well as the services. Everything was working fine so far.

    Then, I restored another v7.1 database with production…

  • Identity Manager 7.0.1 - DBQueue Company Resource Assignments

    After running various updates in Manager a process in the DBQueue fires called 'Company Resource Assignments'. While this is expected the fact that it can take several hours to process a couple of hundred updates isn't. Has anyone any experience of this…