• List of Roles/Group Memberships removed and List of Roles/Group Memberships added for a single person.

    Hello All,

    Used Case scenario is like the following:

    Departments are having ADgroups, SAPRoles etc. assigned as birthrights. Now as part of Department move Employee moves from One department to another. As a result of the move some new groups/roles will…

  • IF THE ELSE statement in Simple List Report

    Hello all. 

    I need to have "if then else" statement in simple list report xml view in such case:

    IF @Parameter=1

    <DatabaseExportDefinition BaseTable="DPRJournalSetup">


    </DatabaseExportDefinition> </THEN>

    IF …

  • Do Not send a report if empty


    We have several reports that we would only want to email  if Data is present. These are daily/weekly reports would we would NOT want to send if the report is empty. I was not able to find any information relating to this in the manual but wanted…