• MakeDecision job stuck in "processed" state.

    recently was found that all makedecision jobs just stuck in processing state and nothing happens.
    All other jobs successfuly executes and there is no isReset in dbqueue. Which means that object layer don't see any "contested" operations.…

  • SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition


    I try to install a demonstration envionment with SQL Server Developer Edition, but it does not work.

    Processing step 'ATT CheckInsertJob (insert post processing jobs)' failed.
    4 - Sql command failed.
    Error during execution of statement: exec…

  • Two Cloud Access Manager on one SQL Instancecloud


    We need to install 2 CAM and we would like to know if is it possible to install them on the same SQL instance but in a different DB.


  • Creating a new One IM Database via the command Line


        Hoping a quick question, How do you create a new database via the Cli?

    I'm trying to replicate the functions of the ConfigWizard "Create and install database function/feature within a deployment script. I've found information that points…

  • Migrating OneIM DB for upgrade to 8.1

    Hi All, 

    I am working with a customer to upgrade their installation to 8.1 (from 7.1.2).  To do so SQL had to be upgraded to 2016 and they chose to create a new server and migrate teh DB. 

    Now the DB is on the new host, we are able to connect, and need…

  • Is it possible to log or debug outgoing SQL queries in a satabase syncproject?

    Hello community,

    imagine you have a sync-project between IDM and a Microsoft SQL server.

    Is it possible to log or debug the dynamicly genereated queries that are send to the target database?

    For example in a "Insert" provisioning job?


  • Approval procedure for delegations

    (Ver 7.1.2)

    Hello again experts,


    Let me explain what we want to do and how have we tried to do so.

    So our aim is to create an approval workflow for delegations in which the person you are delegating to has to approve it (“accept” that delegation). Sounds…

  • Expression Clauses in a query


    We are trying to use a join clause in a script on 1IM. The problem we have is that when we are using classes .Join and .On of the object Query, .On class only admit ExpressionClause Type. Is there any example of how to declare and initialize this…

  • 1IM V7.1 Synchronisation Projects - One to Many Relationships

    I'm in the process of creating a connector to an application that has a specific use case; and wanted to see if anybody else has done anything similar.

    The application in question uses a simple SQL database that doesn’t have any primary keys set as…

  • How to find the current approver(s) for a ITShop request?

    Hi all,

    [1IM version 6.1.4 (soon to be 7.1), windows servers, MS SQL DB]

    I am writing or trying to write a query that will find the current approver or approvers for a PWO/ITShop request. 

    I have kind of got a product Owner approval step working, but it…

  • Has anyone every tried Spotlight Cloud for SQL with Identity Manager?

    Just curious if anyone has ever tried the new Spotlight cloud-based solution for SQL monitoring with Identity Manager? https://www.spotlightessentials.com/

    I'm not expert enough to know if it is useful for diagnosis or tuning? I like the fact they've…

  • Data Import from an SQL Database

    Hi, Apologies for my lack of knowledge in this area. We currently have our HR Oracle system sync'd into 1IM along with AD. Neither of which contains up to date contact telephone numbers for users. We have a separate SQL database that has some info in…

  • vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze


    we are migrating to V7.1.1.

    I can't find the function vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze in the database.

    How can we trigger an Dataset Insert / Update via SQL ?

    We have special programming in SQL, so DataImporter is no alternative.

    exec vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze…

  • Just upgraded to 5.0 - Mapping warnings appear

    I just upgraded to 5.0 from 4.7.  My workflows appear to all be working but each time i manually run a workflow i see a warning with each step: "Warning: Only previously provisioned accounts may be updated, because mapping rules are not properly configured…

  • SQL 2012 Support

    Good evening,

    Am hoping that someone might help to clarify the official stance on Quick Connect support of MS SQL 2012. According to the Synchronisation Engine 5.2 release notes, SQL 2012 is not a supported host for the product database. The QC for Base…

  • Run database compilation within script


    In order investiguate on issues, we need to copy production database in another environment.

    The customer want to create a task to copy the database every day and maintain the two environments with the same data.

    We are using RMAN to copy the Oracle…

  • Slow SQL performance in WHERE clause of Web Designer collection

    When I run this query in SQL Management studio its fairly fast (1-2 seconds?).  When I run it as a WHERE clause in the web designer it times out after 5 minutes.  Why would this query run fine in SQL studio but not in the web designer?


  • viNetworkservice.exe is eating more memory on SQL server - Q1IM database is extremely slow

    viNetworkservice.exe is eating more memory on SQL server. The Q1IM database and all the Q1IM tools are taking longer to load and process all the tasks. The tasks that are usually take a minute is taking more than an hour or two. Please let me know if…