• Custom Attestation Procedure sililar to Approval Procedure D0 - Manager of shelfs department


    We have business roles service items in it shop shelves assigned to departments.

    We can use the D0 approval procedure to have the manager of the shelf's department approve the requests.

    Now we need that manager to attest the ordered business roles…

  • What is the proper way of closing Attestation Run ?

    For example i've startet a Attestation of some Objects(5000). The Attestation Policy is set for 7 days (Time required). After this period 3000 Attestation Cases are closed with granted/deny decision. So when i want to close this run i need to do something…

  • Attestation removal of customized attestation policies and attestation procedures.

    Hi all,

    I have a question related with the attestation removal. In my project, we have many attestation policies with customized attestation procedure. When the attestation is denied, the requested entitlements should be aborted. I found that the "Abort…

  • How to handle Attestations going to a new version


    I'm wondering if anyone has gone from v6 to v7 and how they handled attestation cases.

    We built a new v7 environment and plan to cut over soon. We did not migrate over from v6 so there are no attestations cases from previous environment.