• Error Numbers list?

    Hi there,

    I need your help. 

    Is there a document or Link, in which I can see all error numbers of one Identity Manager and description ?

    such as:   [810017] Wrong user name or password.

    Or can you show me some commen error numbers and their descriptions…

  • Error on clicking any Approval workflow in Manager tool


    When we are clicking on any Approval Workflow in Manager tool, we are getting the below error.

    Form (FormDecisionWorkFlow) from archive (QER.Forms) could not be created!
    The form definition could not be applied to form (FormDecisionWorkFlow)!

  • SAP Sync Problems - Process task FullSync Failed


    we are running Quest One Identity Manager in version 6.1.3 in our productive environment.
    Due to several errors with SAP, we checked the logs for errors and found that the following message appears there.

        Start processing object class …
  • Error DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow

    Hi, everyone. Recently we faced a problem. When we try to compile our database we have such errors "Error compiling script Precode of Chain ADS_Group_Delete(39,0): DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level…

  • while ADSAccount Update we are getting an error like "A constraint violation occurred ".How can i solve this.

    while updating ADSAccount for user ,it showing an error like this


    A constraint violation occurred.

    Object not committed successfully. Retrying using single property commit.
    Property accountExpires should be set.
    Property company should be set.

  • How to add the error/exception thrown by the process step in the table?



    I am trying to add the error thrown by the process in the custom table. I checked notification on error and understood that we use "[AdditionalMessage]" parameter to read exception thrown. But how can I add this exception in table? Please help…

  • IT Shop error: "System.NullReferenceException" exclusively on Chrome.

    Hello Guys,

     I have the following error “System.NullReferenceException:Object…” that will randomly display upon requesting a “custom form” Service Account from IT Shop using Chrome. It’s important to note this only occurs in Chrome and not in IE. I have…

  • How to add error message on the email sent by the on error notification process?


    We are trying to send a detailed email (including the error message, available in the Job queue) to the administrators. 

    How can I add this error message in the email's body sent on "notification on error"? 


    Thanks for your help