• Custom tables not showing in designer but in object browser

    I have created two new custom tables(CCC_Building, CCC_LocationType) and extended the Person table with foreign key reference of the UID of these two custom tables.

    Made these changes in dev environment and moved to next environment(RTE), its working…

  • Permission filter


    we are having this problem:

    we assigned an employee to an application role , which has a custom permission group (copy of a pre-existing one). In the permission filter tab (relating to the ADSGroup table) of the permission group, we have entered…

  • Requests on behalf of other

    Hi everybody,

    I know that OneIM provides the possibility to make requests from ITShop on behalf of others; in particular I know that a manager can make requests on behalf of his direct subordinates whether he is their direct manager or he is the manager…

  • Web Portal - AD Authentication for employees

    Dear fellow experts,

    Just need some pointers for my use case and I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have Employees (Person Objects) who have ADSAccount linked to them. I would like them to authenticate to the Web Portal using…

  • Unable to assign permission on custom UI form


    I am using version 8.0. I have created a custom form which reads data from custom table. I have assigned permission on custom table and assigned this permission groupto application role. When I log in with the user who has been assigned this application…

  • Limit access to the API


    I want to limit the access to the API by having one service account (system user) only executing one set of scripts and Another service account executing Another set of script. Neither service account should be able to execute the other set of scripts…

  • Getting error Write permission denied for value UID_Job while transporting custom processes and scripts


    I am unable to understand why it is throwing this error while transporting custom processes. Can someone please help.

  • How can we have Active Directory account same privileges as Viadmin user


    We are using version 8.0 and we have a requirement where in we don't want to use system user credentials to log in to the tools and instead we want to use Active Directory account credentials. In order to achieve this, we need to have viadmin privileges…

  • How to add permissions on custom column


    We tried to create custom permission group of all the OOTB permission groups which were required for the custom column and added those permissions on the custom column but it is not working. Am I missing anything here? Do I need to configure anything…

  • What all permissions are required to display custom columns in custom table in web portal?


    I want to display custom table columns in web portal. I tried adding various permission group and role based permission group to the table but its not working. Please suggest how to achieve this. Thank you.

  • Getting "Write permission denied for value "Import data source"" while syncing data from AD


    When we are running synchronization in the direction of One IM, users are getting created in ADSAccount table but we are getting above error in postsync "ADS_ADSDomain_SearchandCreate_Person_PostSync" process. We have admin rights on database. Please…

  • Object of type Processes does not exist in database or you do not have the relevant viewing permissions.



    I am getting this error when I am trying to import change label from one db to another. In the change label, I created few processes and modified few processes and none of the process changes seems to have been imported successfully because I got…

  • 7.1.1 - viewing permission for extended FKs to ShoppingCartItem and PWO tables

    Hi all,

    I know there are similar threads floating around, but I'm having a particular issue when I add FK columns to the ShoppingCartItem and PWO tables for request properties. At first I had thought it was a bug with ADSGroups schema extension, but even…

  • ModifyFileAccess_Universal -- User Rights

    When Permissions an Windows Folder with ModifyFileAccess_Universal -- User Rights 

    I'm assuming that the "UserRights" Parameter is Read, Write, Modify

    There are no Examples so I used Modify, looking at the error it looks like it wants one…

  • Read Only VIAdmin Account

    We have a request from one of our clients to create a RO ViAdmin Account.  We have successfully done that, however the account is still able to: 

    -Start/Stop/End Processes in Job Queue

    - Start Schedules in Designer

    Do you know what permission(s) groups…