• Error "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" when importing personal data from SAP/HCM

    In our test environment, we observe the following error message 1 to 2 times a month in connection with the import of personal data from SAP/HCM:

    ErrorMessages (2021-03-16 02:51:55.197) [810222] Error executing script 'CCC_Import_IDM_Person_IDV_SAPHCM…

  • Getting Last Login from SAP HCM system (usr02_trdat)

    Hi fellow experts,

    Is there a way to get the last login details for Employee from SAP HCM synchronization project into One IM?

    I spoke to the SAP Admin and they mentioned that the last login information is available in  "usr02_trdat" attribute. However…

  • SAP HCM - Simulation report doesn't show Inserts for Employee objects


    I configured a synchronization project using the default HCM Employees project template in read only access. When I run the simulation report I can see that (employee) synchronization step is run with processing steps is 1999 (does this mean that…

  • Is SAP R/3 HCM employees objects included as default with SAP R/3 project templates


    Quick question, is SAP R/3 HCM employees objects included as default with SAP R/3 project templates.

    In our test server lab, I can only see 2 project templates (Base administration) and (CUA Subsystem).

    I don't see any other templates.

    How can…

  • SAP R3 initial sync error (version 8.0)

    Hi Experts,

    I have just configured the SAP R3 Sync project (Base and HCM template). 

    Tried to run the initial sync, please find the below error message.


    Connection details looks good and it was successful while configuring and the sap .net libraries…

  • Import of person objects from SAP HR incomplete when SAP EntryDate is in the future

    Hello everyone,

    We are trying to import new person objects from SAP HR to OneIM using the Synchronization Editor (v7.1.2). We are using BAPIs for Infotypes 0001 and 0002 in the Schematype "HREmployee_Active".
    If the EntryDate (DAT02 from Infotype…

  • SAP Department and Manager


    My source data for OneIM 7.1.2 is SAP HCM.

    Ran the initial sync it pulls the complete data in OneIM, but the value is empty for Department manager and Employee manager.

    Any pointers why I don't see ?