• Powershell Connector Error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using One Identity 8.1.4 and I'm trying to create a powershell connector using the Synchronization Editor.

    During the creation I get the error below.

    I think the error is in the following lines in XML file but I don't know what…

  • Connector framework execution plan and efficiency

    The connector framework calculates an execution plan where the order of execution for each step in the synchronization workflow is determined. In the case that individual steps do not have a dependency on each other I do not see the steps executed in…

  • Synchronization template for SCIM not available


    We are setting up a Synchronization porject in order to connect to a SCIM Interface, we are followinf the guide at :


  • CSV connector multiple lines to one Person


    I have an csv-file containing users and title. Each user can appear more than once in the file with a different title. I want to create a mapping in the Synchronization Editor that combines the lines in a way that the user can have more than one…

  • AD update schema error

    Hi Experts,

    We have exported AD sync project from Synchronization editor and imported it to on new environment.

    After importing it, we have updated connection details to Target system for  new Active Directory then we are trying to update schema.


  • Virtual mapping attribute (object reference) not provisioned in AdHoc


    for ADS synchronization, I have created a custom virtual attribute of type 'object reference'. This attribute contains the short name of the account owner's department (UID_Person.UID_Department.ShortName). The field 'Department' is used for…

  • How to force AD attribute update when no change occured in OneIM?



    I would like to provision some AD attributes based on the values I have in OneIM knowing that no changes occured in OneIM.


    We are using OneIM 7.1.2 and Active Diretory 2012. We already had an almost "out-of-the-box" AD synchronization project…

  • Cannot load Unix Groups using the UNIX connector version 7.1.1



    I'm getting an error when I tried to run a synchronization from a Solaris 10... 

    Error  SystemConnector Could not execute sugi action for X.X.X.X: Invalid value provided for group passwd: ''

    I'm able to sync users, login shells, but groups…