• Web portal report parameter


    Can someone tell if and how configure the report created in web portal to pass a parameter i created?

    Or point me to the document where it can provide some information. I looked and searched and cannot find this. Thank you, Lu

  • Attestation - How to display a variable as URL/Link on Information tab ?


    Is it possible to show a variable as Link/URL among information tab (Web Portal ) for an Attestation campaign ?

    Have tried $PC <parameter>$ on the attestation procedure but can only show a message text.

    Version : 8.1.4.

    Thank you for your…

  • Web Portal - How to Upload File and link it to an employee


    I know (more or less) how to allow the upload of files when a user is logged into the web portal (I achieved it thanks the upload node in the web designer), but it seems there are no link with the person who uploaded the file, am I right? Is there…

  • Vendor Employee Account 2 level approval

    Hi Experts,

    In my environment i want to create a approval workflow that will approve employees/Vendors created through Web Forms and it should be 2 level approval from manager and IT Manager, also an email notification should be sent prior to approver…

  • Tutorial for web designers tool from scratch

    I am new on one identity manager web designer tool.
    I want to know how can I make new web application/portal using ODM web designers tool?
    Also want information for how sql query works? and what's the difference with MSSql 's query?

    Is there any online…

  • Web Portal: Requesting entitlement for a specific account.

    Hi everybody, 

    I'm using One Identity Manager ver. 8.1. 

    I'm trying to manage employees with more than one user Account on the same System (AD domain or SAP Client). I know that when an empoyee requests an entitlement, after approval it is assigned…

  • Requests on behalf of other

    Hi everybody,

    I know that OneIM provides the possibility to make requests from ITShop on behalf of others; in particular I know that a manager can make requests on behalf of his direct subordinates whether he is their direct manager or he is the manager…

  • Change person lable in My profile on Web portal

    Hi, how to change person lable in overview (My profile)  - delete Title name, in web designer

    Now its looks like - SecondName, Title Firstname (CentralAccount)

    I need - SecondName Firstname (CentralAccount)

  • Restrict property to be read-only


    Can someone tell me if a script can be used to restrict property to be read only for my profile? v8.1.3

    We have a need to ensure that internal employees don't edit certain things since most data comes from HR.

    External users should be able to…

  • The web portal logs the user out


    The user logs in to the web portal, and after a certain period of time, the user suddenly logs out of the portal. The duration is variable. We checked timeout duration from web config. This duration is 60 minutes. We have this problem only on chrome…

  • New Data Governance product


    I am dealing whit One Identity Manage Data Governance Edition.

    I am trying to add a new product into the web portal. Currently, a logged user, can see the following products:

    Requestà Resource Access

    • File system access
    • New file system shar…
  • How to dynamically display Logo in webportal


    I would like to display the VI_Common_CompanyLogo dynamically, it should be calculated by importsource value of currently logged user.

    Can anyone advise on this?

  • Potential SQL injection attack by brute-force on WebPortal - Attestation - Business role attestation


    I am getting sql injection error on WebPortal while trying to perform attestation for a business roles.

    I am using version 8.1.1

    WebApp log:

    Module instance created: ATT_Attestation_MyAttestations
    2020-12-16 15:15:12.3358  INFO (    WebLog s0xjgi1ydmrf0vz3qcopxvxx…

  • How to hide menu Open filter wizard from View settings in grid band

    Hello All.

    Is it possible to remove "Open filter Wizard" option from view settings. If yes then could you please let me know how.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


  • Issue in ITShop: "Not yet implemented -> [Hash function for key"

    Hi there,

    when trying to authenticate to the ITShop with an enabled/internal Person in the context Employee (Role-based), AD (Manual) or AD integrated the error message "Not yet implemented -> [Hash function for key xyz]" returns.


  • Hide button

    How to hide the button "Calls" of Web Portal page?

  • How to export a web portal from one environment to another

    We have configured the web portal with all the customizations and we need to take it to another environment, what step must be taken to make this change?

  • How to filter ColumnEditor

    Hi Community

    I am trying to filter the tree of items shown in a ColumnEditor1 in the Web Portal, it means I am working on Web Designer.

    I have the Single Row Collection (“UserInputs”) which has a property “UID_Department”. This property is used to store…

  • WebPortal SSO login issue

    We are using OneIDM 8.1.1 and configured the HTTP Header (role-based) authentication as described in the below URL,


    As per…

  • Domain migration


    We migrated to a new environment from XXX to YYY and for this reason, we lost our AppServer, IdentityManager, and PasswordReset url. 

    Have we have to reinstall all again or could we import any configuration to solve this issue?.

    Please any help will…

  • White pages view for external employees


    Can anyone tell me why an external employee is unable to view terminated people in the white pages?

    I have a need for some non-employees to view details on a terminated employee.

    This is due to our Help Desk having some external employees and need…

  • Web Portal timeout duration vs RSTS authentication


    My question concerns to Web portal session timeout.

    In my use-case I had to setup a timeout session to 15 minutes.

    I've followed this guideline https://support.oneidentity.com/identity-manager/kb/213794/how-to-increase-the-web-portal-timeout-…

  • Display delegated manager in WebPortal


    I'm trying to customize the Person-overview page (VI_Common_ObjectSheet) in the webportal to show the manager currently responsible for the displayed user. I get the desired manager with the following SQL, but I don't know how to get this to work…

  • Web Portal Installation HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

    I am building a sandbox installation of OID 8.1.2 in a vm with Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019.

    I set up the IIS with Windows Authentication and enabled this for the default web site, then installed the Web Portal using the OID installer. When…

  • Access IT Shop using Employee Auth.

    Hello experts!

    I have installed One Identity Manager v8.0.4. I tried to access to the IT Shop using the employee authentication module ( Normally, I used AD module), but I cannot access to it, the error is: Wrong username or password. The steps I follow…