• Person table how to capture records deletes

    Requirement : - I need to capture events related to delete events in Person table

    Solution adapted : I set a designer process with delete event.


    when I tried to delete through Manager  a record the process is not getting deleted

    But when I tried…

  • How to encrypt a column via process

    Hi, we have one custom column created with schema extension and it needs encrypted value. When I am passing value from front end i.e ITshop, it is storing this value in plain text. I tried using "encrypted" option in parameter but its not working. How…

  • How to implement sequential processing for process task/process component?



    I want the process task "Send Mail" to execute sequentially and not in parallel. For e.g 100 jobs came in job queue for sending mail at a time so right now One IM executes this job in parallel. But I want it to be done in sequence. I checked…

  • process orchestration loop

    Hi, I have a question regarding process orchestration. I want to send email notifications to different administrators based on the access resource a user has. So In the process orchestration instead of creating individual step-blocks like:

    if user has…