Campaign description 

The theme of this campaign is focused on readiness and efficiency in Active Directory management as we prepare for the end of the crisis.  As organizations furloughed employees, reduced work-forces, or switched users to remote status, they were required to rapidly make changes to Active Directory users, objects, and attributes which resulted in significant inefficiency, room for error, and heightened risk. When things begin to come back to normal, these organizations will face the challenges of bringing their workforce back online and getting back to business quickly.  In many ways, the problems they will face are the same problems they experienced during the start of this crisis, but in reverse. Without a solution in place, getting back to business will require significant amounts of IT intervention, be fraught with inaccuracies and inefficiencies, and may result in security holes. Companies that are prepared for efficient workforce on-boarding and application access post-crisis will put themselves at a competitive advantage in their perspective markets.  One Identity Active Roles is the ideal solution to make this return to normalcy smooth and secure and to place organizations in a much better place when change inevitably occurs within their business in a post-crisis world.

Campaign details

  • Focus: Find new opportunities among organizations that faced significant changes as a result of the recent global pandemic – for example, a sudden increase in remote workers, furloughs, or reductions in workforce.
  • Campaign in a Box:
    • Email scripts
    • ROI calculators
    • A new white paper detailing the Rapid Recovery message and benefits of Active Roles
    • The complete set of Active Roles demo videos on the website and YouTube
    • And of course, the Active Roles trial download and virtual trial
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