Dear Partners, 

We are announcing the End-of-Sale for the T-Series appliances that are used for syslog-ng Store Box. Effective immediately, the old T-series appliances (T1, T4 and T10) are phased out and can no longer be ordered. 

They are replaced by just two appliances, the 3000 and 3500. Both can already be ordered, so the transition should go smooth. For full 3000 and 3500 specifications, please see this page.


More information about T-Series hardware: 

  • We will offer technical support for the T-Series for 3 more years until 30-Jun-2022 
  • RMAs for the T-series will be replaced with T-series hardware 
  • T-Series and 3000 series cannot be used in a HA pair You need a pair of identical hardware for HA 
  • Quotes for the T1 Series will be fulfilled with T1 appliances until stock runs out 
  • Upgrade options:  
  • Customers who purchased T-series before 30-Jun-2018 and have not received their Advanced Replacement Hardware are eligible for the Advanced Hardware Replacement Program (refer to your sales rep for details) 
  • Customers who purchased after30-Jun-2018: please reach out to your sales rep to get more information on the upgrade options available to you 


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions, either to your respective sales rep or to me at 



Hunor Voith 

Product Marketing Manager @ syslog-ng 

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