We are proud to announce the general availability of Identity Manager 9.0 LTS & Identity Manager Data Governance Edition 9.0 LTS for worldwide distribution


This important release re-enforces our Unified Identity Security positioning and provides our customers with expanded capabilities.


Software and documentation are available at the following location(s):

Product Support - Identity Manager (oneidentity.com)

Product Support - Identity Manager Data Governance Edition (oneidentity.com)


What’s new in Identity Manager 9.0:

Long-Term Support

One Identity has announced Long-Term Support for One Identity Manager beginning with version 9.0.  This allows One Identity Manager customers to remain on a version for 3 years without having to upgrade to keep their product support. 

Benefits include:  

  • Maintaining support status on current implementation 
  • Receiving fixes  
  • Reducing total cost of ownership 

On Demand Webcast: Identity Manager and the Long-Term Support


OneLogin Integration

OneLogin is the newest addition to the One Identity family of Identity security solutions. OneLogin is a recognized as a leader in the Access Management market 

Identity Governance is responsible for controlling and governing who has access to what.  Having information from an access management solution, such as OneLogin, gives advantages and visibility to those administering those access rights to know how they are being used; or if they are being used at all.  

The Identity Manager- OneLogin integration offers many benefits to our customers, including the ability to be notified if access rights that have been assigned have been used within a certain time frame.  As you can imagine, have rights assigned to a person that are not being used is a high point of risk in the case of an attack such as a phishing attack.

Another advantage of having Identity Manager integration with OneLogin is that the administrator can use MFA-based step-up authentication of OneLogin within Identity Manager when dealing with high risk or high priority resources or objects.  Since Identity Manager governs the keys to the kingdom, this insurance is paramount to ensuring the highest level of security possible.


Azure SQL Database support provided

One Identity Manager now allows the use of Azure SQL as its primary database.  This provides greater flexibility as our customers take advantage of cloud resources for hosting their One Identity Manager instance.


Job Service Status page authentication changes

In previous One Identity Manager releases, access of the Job Service Status Page only used basic authentication.  Now, with version 9.0, supports logging in with standard authentication modules, not just basic authentication.  Once again, we feel that having a flexible Identity system is key to all major enterprises.


Additional feature enhancements in this release:


Azure AD updates

  • Azure AD Groups
    • User accounts' creation type is read from Azure AD
  • Azure AD User Accounts
    • Support for Azure AD group assignments to administrator roles
    • Rules for memberships in dynamic groups are loaded from Azure AD

Exchange Online

  • Support for classifying Exchange Online Office 365 groups
  • Support for Mailbox permissions
  • Support for Mailbox quotas

Active Roles

  • Support for Active Roles 7.5.2, Active Roles 7.5.3, and Active Roles 7.6
    Active Directory
  • Support for moving Active Directory user objects across domain borders

Google Workspace

  • Supports synchronization of external email addresses


  • SAP parameters can also be inherited through system roles
  • Additional revision filters for synchronizing SAP HCM personnel planning data


  • Support for One Identity Safeguard (SPP) 7.0

Application Governance

  • Automated system entitlement assignment
  • Date of next attestation for Business Application

Notice: Use of Database Agent Service is now mandatory


About One Identity Manager

One Identity Manager governs and secures an organization’s data and users, meets uptime requirements, reduces risk and satisfies compliance by giving users access to data and applications they need - and only what they need - whether on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.  We provide organizations an integrated solution for managing and governing all identity types from a single platform.



Gartner Market Guide for IGA 2022



Congratulations to the whole One Identity development team who worked so hard to bring this important release to market.

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