We are happy to introduce a new video series: “One Identity Safeguard – Technical Overview”.

The video series training is available on YouTube for public viewing.


In this series Holger Weihe from the One Identity pre-sales team describes One Identity Safeguard.

The series covers:

  • Part 1: Product overview
  • Part 2: Use cases
  • Part 3: Technical details


This video training is suitable for any audience and goes into the technical details of One Identity Safeguard.


Part 1 and Part 2 of the video series are similar to our Web-Based Partner Training (WBT): “One identity Safeguard Presales Enablement” (available in our partner portal).

Part 3 of the series is exclusively produced for our YouTube channel.


We will continue to add content to the video series from time to time  - so keep it bookmarked.


The video series currently contains the following videos:


> One Identity Safeguard - Technical Overview

> Video Series Overview

> The video series takes 1 hour and 55 minutes in total
 -  Part 1: Product overview: #1, #2
 -  Part 2: Use cases: #3 ..#6
 -  Part 3: Technical Details: #7..#14

The videos series playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL242czeZwlAlC4ea-g8bE8goXKdAJ9pCK

#1 Hello, agenda and first overview

Status: Published   Length: 8:11 min



Part 1 - Overview

- Video Series Agenda

- One Identity Safeguard Overview

  - Welcome and Agenda

  - Privileged Accounts are targets for breaches

  - Path to Privileged Access Management

  - Safeguard a modular approach

  - Safeguard product overview



#2 Overview continued

Status: Published   Length: 7:39 min



Part 1: Overview continued

- Safeguard wording

- Privilege Access Management (PAM)

- One vendor solution

- Deployment and topology



#3 Password and session request

Status: Published   Length: 8:52 min



Part 2: Use cases

- Password request

- Session request



#4 SPS initiated session and adding simple workflows

Status: Published   Length: 5:11 min



Part 2: Use cases

- Initiate a session using the Safeguard Password Vault

- Add an approval to a Safeguard workflow



#5 Review a session and Analytics

Status: Published   Length: 13:14 min



Part 2: Use cases

- Review a session

- Configure Analytics

- Review Analytics



#6 Privileged Account Governance and Starling

Status: Published   Length: 9:42 min



- Starling Enhancements

  - Configure Starling access

  - Work with Starling 2FA

- Privileged Account Governance



#7 Setup Virtual Appliance

Status: Published   Length: 7:19 min



Part 3: Technical Details

- Download and install One Identity Safeguard Virtual Appliance

- Install the virtual appliance using VMWare ESXI

- Initial configuration steps



#8 User and user permissions

Status: Published   Length: 6:27 min



Part 3: Technical Details

- Safeguard for Privileged Passwords

- Safeguard for Privileged Sessions



#9 Join Safeguard and User Management

Status: Published   Length: 8:43 min



Part 3: Technical Details

- Join One Identity Safeguard SPP and SPS

- Directory based user management

  - Connect SPP to a Directory

  - Connect SPS to a Directory



#10 Discovery and Assets

Status: Published   Length: 8:53 min



Part 3: Technical Details

- Discovery     

            - Network (Asset) Discovery

            - Account Discovery

- Assets



#11 Accounts, Entitlements and Policies

Status: Published   Length: 9:20 min



Part 3: Technical Details

- Accounts

- Entitlements and Account Request Policies

   - Create and Entitlements

   - Create and configure an Access Request Policy

   - Set a password to complete a new account

   - Assign a user to your Access Request Policy

   - Test the new Entitlement



#12 Session Entitlements

Status: Published   Length: 4:33 min



Part 3: Technical Details

- Extend a Asset to be also used with session requests

- Create and configure a Session Entitlement

- Create an Access Request Policy for session requests         

- Test your Access Request Policy for session request




#13 Profiles and Partitions

Status: Published   Length: 7:20 min



Part 3: Technical Details

- Profiles

  - Profile - configure the Check Password behaviour

  - Profile - configure the Change Password behaviour

  - Define an account password rule

- Partitions and how to assign profiles



#14 Session monitoring and Command restriction/detection

Status: Published   Length: 9:24 min



Part 3: Technical Details

- Session Monitoring

- Command restriction

- Command detection




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