Partner collaboration continues to provide new and innovative ideas that in turn become valuable services that our partners can deliver as a value-added service to customers.

Globally, more than 95 percent of Fortune 1000 companies rely on Active Directory (AD) for authentication and single-sign-on support for their user populations. As it is nearly everywhere - in every company, organization and government agency  - this makes AD a primary target for attackers looking to steal your intellectual property, your customer data or to hold your data for ransom.

Active Directory has changed significantly since its initial rollout in 2000, including both in technology and in how it is used. Years ago, it was focused on connecting to internal resources, file shares, mapped drives and printers.  Today’s office may still use many of these functions but have added services that take AD outside of the office walls. Cloud services, such as Office 365 and cloud-provided applications, change the way work is done and how AD connects all this information.  Active Directory provides authentication and protects credentials, information systems and intellectual property from unauthorized access, which in turn protects your organization’s bottom line and reputation.

AD is subject to constant scrutiny and both Black Hats and White Hats have many methods to achieve their goals. This ranges from highly technical long-term exploits to simple and obvious oversights. 

Quest Software, ICSynergy and One Identity have partnered to help identify vulnerabilities, both in AD and in the enterprise by offering customers a Penetration Test Service (Pen Test).

This Pen Test can be as broad or as focused as you deem necessary and will provide insight into where your environment is secure and where some simple changes can significantly elevate your security posture.  A project with this type of reach requires a strong partnership between the provider and customer.  Following  our proven methodologies, we rely on the partnership between the project team, impacted teams and the business.

The partner will engage all stakeholders as equal partners and co-author an achievable roadmap. They will leverage a process driven integration model to co-develop an acceptable security posture while maintaining and improving usability.  The goal is to change the internal perception of AD security and PAM to accelerate the adoption across the organization.

About ICSynergy
ICSynergy is a North America-based Professional Services and Advisory firm focused on the hybrid Identity and Access Management security space.  Their portfolio of services includes Cybersecurity Advisory, Privileged Identity Management, Pen Testing, Identity Governance and Access Management. In addition, they offer full-featured Managed Service Provider services for all of their practice areas.

Access the white paper to find out more.

One Identity_Quest_ICSynergy Whitepaper_2020_HackingAD__FINAL.pdf
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