On the heels of our recent SPS Critical Infrastructure and Active Roles Rapid Recovery sales-led campaigns we are launching a Q2 promotion for Starling Connect. Here are the details:

The Promotion: Six months of free Starling Connect for existing Active Roles and One Identity Manager customers

Target Prospects: Customers of Active Roles (v 7.4 or higher) and One Identity Manager (v 7.1.2 or higher,  some connectors such as the HR connector require version 8 or higher)

Campaign Type: Sales-led, with BDR support of customers beyond those chosen by the reps

Time Frame: the promotion ends on July 31, 2020

The Offer: Free six-month trial of Starling Connect if signed up during Q2 and ability to offer 60% discount on Starling Connect throughout FY21. The intent is to help customers see the value of Starling Connect early in the evaluation period so they will want to begin paying prior to the end of the six-month free trial period.

  • The free trial period for Starling Connect has temporarily been expanded to six months and the limit on the number of connectors that can be trialed has been expanded to 50.
  • In addition, the discounting restriction on Starling Connect has been temporarily expanded to 60% to encourage those trialing the solution to convert to paying customers prior to the expiration of the trial period.

Supporting Assets:

For questions or guidance about this campaign please reach out to you Channel Account Manager. 

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