Secure remote access for your privileged users who must access critical systems and data

We realize that organizations have to rapidly transition to remote workforce. This can be particularly challenging with privileged users who now must work from home but still access privileged systems and data to keep the organization moving forward. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommends that as organizations explore various alternate workplace options that they should enhance system monitoring to ensure early detection of threats and abnormal activity.

One Identity can help meet these recommendations and smooth migration to supporting an expanded remote workforce, including privileged users. We have the solutions and experience to help organizations that are deemed critical infrastructure enhance security through additional monitoring with Safeguard for Privileged Sessions.

Safeguard for Privileged Sessions compliments existing remote-access systems by recording and monitoring access to privileged or critical systems. Sessions are monitored in real time and, if unusual or unwanted behavior is detected, actions can be taken immediately, including sending an alert or terminating a session. It is even possible to enable policies that restrict clipboard access and SFTP to limit the transfer of data to the users’ remote machine.

Safeguard for Privileged Sessions is a turnkey appliance, which means installation and configuration are simple and quick. Operating at the network level, it is transparent to the user and yet it enables them to continue using client applications and workflow processes. Organizations start experiencing value within a day and full implementation typically takes around three to five days.

What is considered critical infrastructure?

The definition varies by country and region but a good resource for what is defined as critical infrastructure can be found here. If you  would like to enroll a customer that fulfills the criteria or you are not sure if an organization that you want to enroll is critical infrastructure please reach out to your One Identity partner manager. 

The offer: Free Six-Month License

Organizations that are deemed critical infrastructure qualify for a free, six-month license to help secure your environment. This license may be extended if the crisis continues. Our technical team can demonstrate the capabilities of the One Identity Safeguard solution and discuss the architecture as well as the installation process.

Watch our video on securing privileged remote access
Learn more about Safeguard for Privileged Sessions

About the campaign

This is a sales-driven campaign, meaning that instead of integrated marketing efforts we would like to identify appropriate customers and contacts to extend this offer to. The offer is limited to organizations that can be designated as Critical Infrastructure and limited to the use case of remote administrators accessing systems via VPN. Please do not extend this offer to your entire customer base, rather select those organizations that fir the criteria of Critical Infrastructure. 

What you should do if you have a Critical Infrastructure customer?

  1. Create a deal registration for your customer on the One Identity Partner Circle
  2. Reach out to your One Identity Partner Manager and he/she will provide further details about the proceedings
  3. Your customer will receive a registration form, where they can register themselves for the offer
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