• Secure Password Extension Description on Windows 10 Login Page

    Hi All, 

    I just installed the SPE on my window 10 client PC. When I click Sign-in Option, it will show description and ask me to click "Open the Password Self-Service Site".  

    Can I modify the words in description or delete it. Also, can I modify…

  • Secure password extension

    Hi experts,

    Password Manager

    We are currently NOT using the Q&A profile to authenticate users, so none of our Password Manager users are "Registered".

    We are facing an issue when using the SPE plugin. When a user clicks on the…

  • Self service password reset link on Windows 10 logon screen


    I have deployed the SecurePasswordExtension on windows 10 1607 devices and I am trying to configure Group policies, so that the SiteLink appears on the logon screen and not as a separate tile, I have used the admx templates however even after disabling…