• Custom Webservice: Using own CSS

    How we can use an own, external hosted CSS for custom webservice in PM?

  • User Self Service Site customization?

    I have a client that would like to add a footer message on the User Self Service Site, when a useris initially searching for their account.  A simple "For help call xxx-xxx-xxxx" message.

    I'm unable to determine where I can add this message looking…

  • Howto implement reCaptcha v2

    Hi experts,

    I have realized that implementing the recaptcha functionality is not so straight forward.

    I am guessing that just adding the activity “Display reCAPTCHA” is not enough. That I need to make a POST to google with the g-recaptcha-response (html…

  • SPE Customization Options...

    Hello guys,

    I have a client that is requesting some additional customization to the SPE UI than I have done previously.


    They would like to change the "If you forgot you passowrd...." paragraph, perhaps remove it completely.

    They would like…

  • Dictionary Check Changed to Equals Instead of Contains

    Has anyone else run across issues with using passphrases with the dictionary check? Now that NIST suggests using passphrases, the "Contains" a dictionary word is no longer effective as most passphrases will contain a dictionary word. The check should…

  • Notify HelpDesk Tech that user has called and failed to answer security questions.

    Hi All,


    Is it possible to have a check box added on the HelpDesk site for the HelpDesk technicians that will alert other technicians when looking at a user's information that the user has failed to answer their security questions correctly and their…

  • Convert to custom activity empty?

    Hey people,

    When i try to convert an action or an authentication to a custom activity, the powershell script of the new custom activity contains only a skeleton the method.. is it normal? I would expect the code related to the chosen object.