• SPS AD login option


    I am trying to add an Active Directory as login option in SPS, the configuration is correct but when i test the connection the response is "Some paths were missing from the request body.".



  • How To configure Active Directory Accounts for SSH Assets request use?


    I have setup Active Directory Accounts and setup an SSH Target.

    • The environment i have is a Windows SSH enabled Asset and is configured to accept local or active directory account login
    • i can log into the Windows Asset using SSH directly using either…
  • Defender security server installation requirement


    Could you confirm that Defender Security Server doesn't require installation on AD domain controller server ?

    I tried to install on fresh windows server 2019 joined domain with port 389 open, but i got access error.

  • Active Directory Service Account

    Hi, what would be the best practice for the number of AD Service Account to be used. So, in Safeguard, there are 2 parts which would require AD service account, onboarding Active Directory Asset and Configuring AD in Identity and Authentication. With…