Cannot connect to Concur using Starling Connect web interface

Hi Starling connect experts, 

I have hit a bit of a roadblock when trying to connect to Concur from Starling Connect portal ( for a customer.

The eventual goal is to link it to the One IM on prem solution and configure a sync project to import users.

After entering the mandatory values for Concur and trying to test the connection, it fails with a Connection test failed error.

What i've tried to do so far:

  • I have scheduled meetings with the support team at Concur and they are able to make api calls using postman with the same connection details that i provided. The only difference was that they were using a token however the Starling portal doesn't have a field for token.
  • I initially thought it was a firewall rule however the Infrastructure team have double checked and it doesn't seem to be the culprit. 

This is the first time trying using Starling connect to configure a connector so i'm quite inexperienced and would appreciated any guidance, feedback, or advice.