Product Support RSS Feeds

We have recently made several improvements to our product RSS feeds. They are now updating in real time so that you can immediately see any new knowledgebase articles, notifications, hotfixes, etc that are posted for our products.

From our support portal product selection page select your product.  When viewing the product page, you will find a section called ‘Self Service Tools’ in the left hand rail and at the bottom a link to “RSS Feed”.

From here you can filter by month and by category as desired to view what updates have occurred in a given month. We currently retain three months worth of updates.

By default the feed will include all main categories including recently release hotfixes, new and updated knowledgebase articles, product life cycle changes and more.

These feeds can also be included in any RSS aggregator or RSS reader by clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button located below the month selection drop down box.

For an example on how to utilize this tool and links to all current product feeds in one central location please see this KB article.