• Citrix Cloud Logs


    we want to send the Citrix Cloud logs to the SSB using the Citrix API to retrieve them. Is this possible?



  • SSB sizing


    we would need some assistance with sizing a virtual syslog-store-box that should handle approximately 5000 clients, mostly divided in windows and linux server (only audit logs) Specifically, we require an SSB that can handle 4,000 events per…

  • Configure SSB using API or script instead of GUI


    is there a way to do the installation and configuration of SSB without using the GUI?

    I checked the API documentation, it is showing how to fetch, read, search and filter the logs.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • syslog-NG SSB to splunk API ingest

    Looking for some help regarding getting logs from a syslog SSB back to a splunk index. I know we can export a *.csv from SSB, but I was told there is an API like method to get logs from the SSB, and ingest them into a splunk index via a python script…