• [Newbie] How to have Syslog-NG Forward the logs it received to another Log Server

    What I have: 

    1. Syslog-NG on Centos 7.9

    syslog-ng 3.5.6
    Installer-Version: 3.5.6
    Compile-Date: Dec 30 2015 19:57:24
    Available-Modules: affile,afprog,afsocket-notls,afsocket-tls,afsocket,afstomp,afuser,basicfuncs,confgen,cryptofuncs,csvparser,dbparser…

  • Prepend conditional text on output

    Despite I have read docs and examples, I still cannot figure out how I can prepend a text depending on a filter. I want to prepend my personal severity and app to the log message  (${LEVEL} and ${PROGRAM} are not suitable for me).

    I have highlighted in…