• [Newbie] How to have Syslog-NG Forward the logs it received to another Log Server

    What I have: 

    1. Syslog-NG on Centos 7.9

    syslog-ng 3.5.6
    Installer-Version: 3.5.6
    Compile-Date: Dec 30 2015 19:57:24
    Available-Modules: affile,afprog,afsocket-notls,afsocket-tls,afsocket,afstomp,afuser,basicfuncs,confgen,cryptofuncs,csvparser,dbparser…

  • snmptrap() source not reading the last trap of snmptrapd.log file

    I did PoC of snmptrap() source of syslog-ng PE 7.0.14 version for my one of the requirement. I found that snmptrap() source did not read the last trap of the SNMPTRAPD agent log file for converting the SNMP Trap into syslog message.

    It read the lasst…

  • Directly upgrading Syslog-ng PE 6 to 7 is not currently supported.

    Due to changes in the program core between 6.X to 7.X a direct upgrade is not possible. Please review and follow the information provide in KB302431 and follow the instructions provided to complete the upgrade

    Leigh Grant