• Error assertion failed on syslog-ng

    Hi team , 

    it is a pleasure to write to you, i need to discuss on syslog-ng issue .
    We have many client syslog-ng service , and we got this error : 


  • Syslog-ng-wec no communication between host and collector

    Recently I've installed Syslog-NG PE.
    I need to forward events from Windows Servers to WEC.
    I have carefully followed all steps from administration guide.
    At the beginning the connection was established (Windows 10 -> CentOS 7 with WEC), but in the…

  • Syslog-ng to send data to ELK post parsing

    Syslog-ng is collecting cisco switch , routers and firewall data, which needs to be sent to ELK.

    Before sending, how can i format logs into JSON

  • How syslog-ng check specific host alive.


    I have a question about how syslog-ng check specific host alive, does syslog-ng have this function?

    For example, if I have three hosts, how can I know which host is disconnected, where to show the disconnected host?

    Pong Chang

    Best rega…

  • Cipher Suite Security Level for Syslog-ng Store Box

    Hi, folks at Balabit/One Identity,

    In the Syslog-ng Store Box 6.0 configuration for Cipher Suite, we can configure Syslog-ng web application Cipher Suite Security Level to Secure.

    (Basic Settings > Management > Web Interface and RPC API Settings)…

  • Need help to confirm understanding of syslog-ng nested log elements.

    I am trying to educate myself on syslog-ng product configuration, and hope someone will be kind enough to verify my understanding of the syslog-ng configuration file (between line 100-120) below.

    1) Line 101-103, the purpose is to read unfiltered messages…

  • System Hardening Guideline Standard for Syslog-ng

    Hi, folks at Balabit/One Identity,

    We are in the middle of security evaluating for Syslog-ng PE and Syslog-ng Store Box.
    For Syslog-ng to place in my environment, the system will need to be secure.
    Is Syslog-ng PE and Store Box following any System Hardening…

  • Troubleshooting Syslog-NG

    Basic troubleshooting

    Syslog-ng has an advanced internal logging mechanism. In case of event info, warning, error, fatal or debug messages are generated.  All messages generated internally by syslog-ng use a special source called internal(). Syslog-ng…