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  • Learn how to position and sell One Identity solutions

    Being in a position to talk confidently to customers about their emerging challenges takes some initial investment - to understand the problem - to map the problem to the right solution - and align relevant components now and in the future so that the…

  • vUNITE is coming in November 2020

    Our now famous UNITE conference is going to happen in 2020 - albeit in a new virtual format - hence the name vUNITE.

    We know that our global partners have been waiting in anticipation this year - and so our regional presence will be consolidated into…

  • One Identity Partner Service : Hacking Active Directory – From a Pen Tester

    Partner collaboration continues to provide new and innovative ideas that in turn become valuable services that our partners can deliver as a value-added service to customers.

    Globally, more than 95 percent of Fortune 1000 companies rely on Active Directory…

  • Active Roles Rapid recovery campaign

    Campaign description 

    The theme of this campaign is focused on readiness and efficiency in Active Directory management as we prepare for the end of the crisis.  As organizations furloughed employees, reduced work-forces, or switched users to remote status…

  • CRN UK Channel Awards 2019 – One Identity is proud to be shortlisted in the “Security Vendor of the Year” category

    It’s not long now until the winners of the 2019 CRN UK Channel Awards are announced and we couldn’t be more excited as we gear up for the big day. This year, One Identity stood out amongst the many entries and became a finalist in the Security…

  • Configuring Samba Client on RHEL 7 to access a windows share


    I am relatively new to the Quest One Identity software . 

    I am working on configuring  Samba client on Red Hat Linux REHL 7  to access a windows share . 

    We have Quest One Idenity implemented (VAS 4.0) with PAM authentication from Active  directory. We…

  • Ad group not assigned

    Hello experts,

    (Ver 7.1.2)

    We have an active directory group that is not being assigned as we expected.


    We have a Service item published in the IT shop that has an Active directory group associated. Whenever an employee requests it and the approval workflow…

  • Active Directory Provisionning

    Hello Everyone, 

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    I have a problem with the AD Provisionning (Target Synchronization).

    I don't know how to create a kind of CheckBox on "Create User Account" Form via Manager Application (also via Web Portal…

  • Error DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow

    Hi, everyone. Recently we faced a problem. When we try to compile our database we have such errors "Error compiling script Precode of Chain ADS_Group_Delete(39,0): DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level…

  • AD update schema error

    Hi Experts,

    We have exported AD sync project from Synchronization editor and imported it to on new environment.

    After importing it, we have updated connection details to Target system for  new Active Directory then we are trying to update schema.


  • Custom workflow - email user random generated password

     Hello guys,


    I have just recently installed One Identity Password Manager version in our test-environment. We see that the existing workflows can not apply to our situation, and need to create a new simple custom workflow. We are looking for…

  • Possible to put a cap on the total number of members a group can have?


    Just wondering if/how I could use ActiveRoles to put a limit on the number of members a group can have? Ideally I would like certain AD groups to have a maximum number of members, and then preventing new members from being added until the member count…

  • Group Synchronization

    I have a SQL View that contains a well defined and controlled group population that I would like to Synchronize with a Active Directory Security Group.

    I use the word synchronize because I'd like people who are manually added/removed from the group within…