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  • Configuring Samba Client on RHEL 7 to access a windows share


    I am relatively new to the Quest One Identity software . 

    I am working on configuring  Samba client on Red Hat Linux REHL 7  to access a windows share . 

    We have Quest One Idenity implemented (VAS 4.0) with PAM authentication from Active  directory. We…

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Active Directory Management and Security but Were Afraid to Ask

    A little while back I was reviewing anecdotal stories from some of our One Identity solutions customers. I found an alarming theme across a number of them. Alright it was alarming for these customers but encouraging for me and the IAM solutions I represent…

  • Group Synchronization

    I have a SQL View that contains a well defined and controlled group population that I would like to Synchronize with a Active Directory Security Group.

    I use the word synchronize because I'd like people who are manually added/removed from the group within…